adjustable waterstay

Ever since last season I was playing with the thought of an adjustable waterstay. Especially when it comes to close reaching I would like to be able to pull the bowsprit further down while when running downwind with a lot of swell it doesn’t hurt to raise it a bit so it doesn’t stick into the back of the next wave.

So yesterday night I finally got around to splice the bits together.
I will use a 4:1 pulley, 3 parts at the bow, the 4th is on deck (not visible on the photos).
The black lines are 8mm Dyneema, the yellow one is 6mm with Kohlhoff Loop Thimbles spliced in.

Now I can pull the bowsprit down at least 20cm and raise it another 15cm at least. I selected the lengths in a way that in case the clam or control line would break, the sprit can only raise 15cm max so its rear does not punch a hole into the deck of the bow.