My living room is not a sail loft

stormjib After having had the chance to intensely test out my storm jib during training last november I realized that I needed two dyneema strops to be able to easily and properly attach the storm jib.
One at the head to basically move the luff of the sail further up so when set the halyard is attached at the top of the babystay. This way the halyard can actually tighten the luff instead of just pulling the babystay up.
The other one at the tack to move the tack higher above deck. This way the carts for the genoa sheets can also be used for the storm jib effectively.

While doing that job in my living room I realized the sails don’t actually look that big while on board or in the sail loft so I’m glad I don’t have to carry out any similar work at home on my big solent or my main – that would become really tricky.

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