Born in 1980 in Bremen, Germany I sailed on my uncle’s keelboat in the baltic and north sea and would sail various boats with my dad in the holidays in dinghys and smaller keelboats. Growing up I became more and more fascinated by offshore sailing and read e.g. “the long way” by Bernard Moitessier.

ichThrough various circumstances sailing moved into the background more and more and was almost forgotten when a friend invited me to go sailing with him on lake constance in 2003. That’s when the sailing fever took hold of me again.

In the following years I took part in various offshore trips on the boats of my sailing club “Segelkameradschaft das Wappen von Bremen”, among other we crossed the south atlantic, raced in the 2009&2011 Rolex Fastnet, Gotland Runt.

In 2001 I already followed Boris Herrmann’s participation in the mini transat and started reading every slip of paper about it.
By 2008 my interest ended up in me buying my Pogo2 but spent some years in the baltic sea with little time to sail. In 2012 I finally moved my boat to France and started doing the odd mini race.

This is going to change in 2014.

Due to the support of my employer I will be able to dedicate more time this year and through this to qualify for the “Les Sables – Les Acores – Les Sables” race this year.

The objective is to participate in the 2015 Mini Transat.

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