Training with Lorient Grand-Large / Tanguy Leglatin

It’s been a bit quiet here the last few months which was due to lack of time but not lack of sailing (luckily).
From october till early december I had the pleasure of participating in the training series organized by Lorient Grand-Large with world-class trainer Tanguy Leglatin.
I benefitted hugely from the training and even though at times it felt like I had to learn sailing from scratch I am sure I could not have figured out in a year what Tanguy taught me in those four weekends.

All the training sessions were doublehanded and I was lucky to find nice and fun crew in Katrina (, my buddy Marten and Becky ( and Nikki ( with the Artemis Offshore Academy.
The weather offered us its full spectrum from absolute calm to 35 knots of wind and rain which allowed us to train our lee trim as well as reefing extensively.

Currently it’s time for boatwork, the seemingly neverending todo-list (and even worse: shopping-list) is starting to get smaller and the missing equipment is arriving as well.

End of january I am going to be back in france to get the boat ready for the new season, some training in february and march and then in april the new season officially begins with the first races of the atlantic coast.

Stay tuned for more news of smaller and larger modifications on board. In the meantime here’s my (first!) sailing video with photos and shots from the training and the 2012 season:

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