The plan for 2014

A couple of people have been asking me why it’s been so quiet here lately and whether I’ll be sailing in the mini this year, here’s a small update.

I am currently plan to do the following races this year:
– April: Pornicht Select 6.50 (300sm, solo)
– May: Mini en Mai (500sm, solo)
– June: Mini Fastnet (600sm, doublehanded)
– July/August: Les Sables – Les Acores – Les Sables (2600sm, solo)

In addition to that I will do my 1000nm solo qualifier either beginning of may but more likely towards the end of may/beginning of june. That qualifier is a requirement to be allowed to participate in A-level races so is a prerequisite for the SAS race to the Acores and back.

There’s still plenty of stuff do to on the boat though, e.g.:
– cleaning & polishing the hull + application of new film (done! see photo)
– fitting and wiring the spare tiller pilot (Raymarine) to the gps / nke
– building and installing fasteners to the two tillers to install the pins for the tiller pilot
– installing the new vhf splitter
– installing a new rudder (in december I noticed a huge crack on the starboard rudder)
– machining new bolts for the rudder bearings as the old ones were a little too little
– Incidences producing a new Genaker / Code 0
– checking and updating the medi kit with the prescription antibiotics and painkillers
– getting my medical check done for the year
… and many many more

I also joined the Pole Lorient Grand Large ( this year where I will participate in training sessions on navigation, electronics, and many more.

So much for now, more news to arrive mid/end of february!

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