Navigation prep brouhaha

Since the last two weeks were swamped with work (read day job work) there was hardly any time left to prepare things for the boat in the evenings.

So I decided it’s time for my first brouhaha with the topic “navigation prep”.

The goal for the end of the week is:
1) to have all important landmarks, buoys, etc. marked as waypoints in Adrena
2) creating draft routes for the races to come
3) creating routes for narrows (e.g. between Hoedic/Houat/Ile de Quiberon) and to write down the maximum allowed cross track error (so that I can tack through those narrows)
4) exporting all waypoints so that I can print them lateron to have as a backup on board
5) putting all important waypoints into the paper charts with their 6-letter code (my Furuno GPS only allows waypoint names of maximum 6 characters)
6) preparing a rough roadbook for each race so it’s less work the last days before each race.

NavigationsvorbereitungNow I had to leave for a one week business trip to the US on a bit of a short notice but I decided that that won’t stop me. I tool all (!) my paper charts with me and will do the navigation prep for the races on the atlantic coast and the qualifier while on the road. Every minute counts will be my motto for the weeks to come.

By the way, all the waypoints will be uploaded from the laptop to the gps later when I’m back on board.

The photo shows how I repurposed parts of the BA Lounge in Heathrow to my personal navigation prep room.

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