Dust yourself up and try again

IMG_0136Let’s face it: this year didn’t quite work as planned for me.
In the first race of the year – the Pornichet Select – my autopilot failed and I had to hand-steer most of the time, during the Mini en Mai my backstay broke and I gave up.

That wasn’t too huge of a problem yet though since I had the Mini Fastnet race as my backup-plan to still be able to meet all the qualification criteria for the acores race.
But then I had to abandon my 1000nm solo qualifier because of autopilot trouble and an injury which had the effect of also stopping me from doing the Mini Fastnet. Finally there wasn’t enough time any more to finish my qualification for the Acores race and it became apparent that that race would start without me this year.

That sucked.

But after a couple of days of grumpiness I guess it’s now time to “dust yourself off and try again” and come up with a new plan for the remainder of 2014: to finish my qualification for the 2015 Mini Transat.

My plan is to redo my 1000nm qualifier either in july/august or august/september. That would leave me with just one category “B” race to finish in order to complete my qualification.
With the category B “Mini Barcelona” race that starts oct 16th from – who’d have guessed – Barcelona around the island of Menorca and back to Barcelona I should hopefully have checked that box as well on oct 20th.

So, that’s the plan. Let’s get going!