Logbook Sept 21st 2015

Day 3 of Leg 1, Sept 21st 2015:
We are still in the Bay of Biscay, heading towards the northwestern tip of Spain: Cap Finisterre.
I don’t remember much about this day to be honest. A sledgeride with the Code5 in growing winds and waves, skies and water grey. It’s nice to see from the logbook entries how the pressure drops and wind and cloud coverage are rising. At about 5pm the second cold front hits us and it is a more proper one than the weak front we had the day before. The wind picked up ahead of the front, allowing me some quick hours with the Code5 (small and flat storm spinnaker).
Behind the front I am sailing upwind into the night.

This was also the day that excited some people since I was ranked 3rd overall for a brief period of time. As visible from the picture, this was due to the fact that I had not invested as much into going west as most of the fleet, meaning I was closer to the direct route.
In the following 24 hours though, the boats in the west would have a better wind angle and neutralize or even turn their 30nm lag (north/south) into a 10nm lead.


Wind Waves Clouds Pressure Position Sails COG SOG
W 5kn 0.5m 1/8 Cn 1019.6 N47°04.9 / W006°44.5 Main + Solent 192 5.5kn

Comments from the Logbook:


Wind Waves Clouds Pressure Position Sails COG SOG
SW 6kn 0.5m 5/8 Sc 1018.2 N46°50.9 / W006°42.7 Main + Solent 185 5.7kn

Comments from the Logbook:
Where the heck is the second front? (It was forecast to hit us that night)


Wind Waves Clouds Pressure Position Sails COG SOG
WSW 6kn 1m 4/8 Cn/Sc 1017.5 N46°36.3 / W006°43.1 Main + Solent 198 5.2kn

Comments from the Logbook:
It is freezing cold on deck.


Wind Waves Clouds Pressure Position Sails COG SOG
WSW 12-14kn 1.5m 5/8 Cn/Sc 1016.4 N46°01.0 / W006°50.9 Main + Solent 190 6.5kn

Comments from the Logbook:
-no luck receiving a weather forecast.
-last 5 hours we were blasting along doing 10kn with Code5. Awesome!!
-frech military vessel passes me close on starboard. Called them on the radio but no reply. Is this our support vessel!?
-Xu (chinese entrant) passed 1nm in front of me, sailing very high. I wonder why.


Wind Waves Clouds Pressure Position Sails COG SOG
NW 16kn 2-3m 7/8 Cn/Sc n/a N45°22.4 / W007°21.0 Main(-) + Solent 212 7.0kn

Comments from the Logbook:
21:00: Shook out the reef i the main.
00:00: 24h distance: 150nm

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