Mini Transat 2015 Logbook: Sept 19th, 2015

Exactly one year ago #732 and me took the start of the Mini Transat 2015 and left on the first leg to Lanzarote.

And since I keep looking at the logbook every now and then I thought I would allow you to relive my race by posting the logbook entries of each day here, every day.
Where I have pictures or memories from these days I will write a bit about the days here too.

We start with the entries from Day 1 on Leg 1, Sept 19th 2015:

Wind Waves Cloud Coverage Pressure Position Sails COG Speed
NW 7kn 1m clear skies 1026.4 N48°05.0 / W004°39.7 n/a n/a n/a

Comment from the Logbook:

At this time we were still in the bay of Douarnenez approaching the Pt. de Raz and the upwind course was slowly turning into a reach. I remember Andy (587) about 0.5nm to leeward of me waving while the sun was setting.
Shortly after the wind started shifting more northerly and we struggled to get the Code0 up but eventually succeeded and followed the fleet past Pt. de Raz.


Wind Waves Cloud Coverage Pressure Position Sails COG Speed
NW 5-6kn 1m clear skies 1026.8 N47°54.4 / W005°02.4 Full Main + Big Spi n/a n/a

Comment from the Logbook:
Outrigger (for the spinnaker-sheets): ca. 0.4kn quicker!

It was an amazing sight with all the masttop lights of the fleet around and the Île de Sein to our north, heading into this first night. The last Zodiacs with photographers and the stress of 10 days in Douarnenez were forgotten and it felt like we now had the sea to ourselves. Finally in the race!

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