Logbook Sept 24th, 2015

Tracker 24.09.2015
Following my Mini Transat participation in 2015 I am now publishing the logbook entries of each day – exactly one year after they were written down.

Day 6 of Leg 1, Sept 24th, 2015:

We are sailing off the coast of Portugal, passing Lisboa. The previous day had brought a lot of wind and difficult conditions which made me neglect eating and resting. As a result I have been sleeping a lot last night and the performance of the boat suffers.
As you can see from the logbook entries, it would have been possible to hoist the Code5 at midnight again and generally I am sailing very defensive the entire day.
The Adrena track shows large parts in yellow where I sailed the boat far under its potential. That also showed in the ranking as Victor (599) turns my 14nm lead into a 14nm lead for him over the course of the day.

But nevertheless it is a nice day in stabilizing tradewinds, offering greate sailing conditions.


Wind Waves Clouds Pressure Position Sails COG SOG
N 16-20 2.5m 0/8 clear skies 1017.2 N39°56.5 / W010°03.5 Main(–) + Solent(-) 212 6.5kn

Comments from the Logbook:
0400: Shook out a reef, now: Main(-) and Solent(-)
0430: Hoisted the Code 5.
0650: Hoisted the Medium Spi (reefed) and shook out the reef in the Solent. Now: Main(-) + Solent + Medium Spi(-)


Wind Waves Clouds Pressure Position Sails COG SOG
N 14 3m 8/8 Sc/Cn 1018.1 N39°18.0 / W010°33.2 Groß(-) + Solent + Med. Spi(-) 200 9.7kn

Comments from the Logbook:
1000: Switched to Big Spinnaker, still one reef in the main.
1030: Listened to Weather forecaset. Should have 12-20kn from NNE to NE. Sounds like proper azores high. Ranking 29th series.
1100: new waypoint: Lanzarote Approach!
1530: Gybed to stb-bow but the angle is bad also waves are coming in at a bad angle.
1600: Gybed back.


Wind Waves Clouds Pressure Position Sails COG SOG
NNE 14 2-3m 7/8 Cn 1018.4 N38°14.2 / W011°00.5 Groß(-) + Solent + Big Spi 198 7.1kn

Comments from the Logbook:
1800: shook out reef in the main
1900: the tackline is slipping through its clutch again. Switched with the spi hoisted by taking the load off using the karver cleat (amazing thing!) and switched it with the babystay clutch. Need to switch the interior in Lanzarote.


Wind Waves Clouds Pressure Position Sails COG SOG
NNE 14 2-3m 8/8 Ns 1018.8 N37°50.2 / W011°16.7 Groß + Solent + Big Spi 196 7.5kn

Comments from the Logbook:
2000: Jaanus (787) heard me trying to reach a support boat to report my position, we chat for a while how much more relaxed the sailing is today. I ask a nearby cargo if he could try and relay our positions to a support but, the cargo tries for 10 minutes but to no avail.

24h distance: 177sm

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